The Dreidel Museum
Virtual Dreidel Museum named after Moses and Ruchel Shterngel
The Dreidel Museum aims to gather the world's largest collection of dreidels. Our mission is to recreate the cultural context of each dreidel and the history of its creator.

Dreidel, a traditional Hanukkah game, is more than just a spinner. It is a symbol of luck, a symbol of the fickleness of our fate, a symbol of the world's volatility and its complete dependence on the Supreme Power. The dreidel spins through thousands of years of our history, joyful and tragic, challenging and inspiring.
Our Collection
The Dreidel Museum collection brings together several themes, including "Dreidel as a Masterpiece" (pieces from MOMA, dreidels with Yemeni and Moroccan filigree, dreidels with artistic painting), "Dreidel in the Modern Cultural Code" (series of Disney dreidels, election campaign dreidels, eco-dreidels made of recycled cardboard), dreidels with music boxes, matryoshka-dreidels, dreidels made of brass, copper, silver, Jerusalem stone, porcelain, as well as a number of dreidels made by the artists in a single copy.
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